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Meeting the demands for purity in processing for 30 years.

Etchtek quartz baths and controllers.

WARD Technologies, INc

Ward Technologies is a manufacturer of constant temperature quartz baths used in industries where purity and consistency are demanded.

Industries such as the manufacture of semiconductors; solar panels; and many research and development applications require high purity standards that must be met and maintained as well.

We have answered that critical demand with our
Etchtek line of constant temperature baths for high purity processing. Our design is a unique custom molded bath which insures reliability every time. And each bath is given the utmost attention to detail to meet strict quality control standards.

Ward Technologies has proven this with almost 30 years of satisfied customers.

Ward Technologies is also a key supplier of
process equipment and components to the semiconductor, bio-med, medical, research, and other high-tech industries. Our line of high-reliability wet stations meets the needs of the most demanding chemical processes. These wet stations are available in a wide range of materials including Polypropylene, FRPP, PVDF and Stainless Steel.

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P.O. Box 1121

Laveen AZ 85339
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